Just a little about our owner
 and the PEMF machine

About the Owner

As a horse woman for over 30 years, Amy's knowledge of horses is well rounded. 

Amy K. (Mausbach) Obermiller was born and raised in Houston, Texas but has been a resident of Apex/New Hill, North Carolina for the last 20 yrs. She was a junior in high school before she had the opportunity to start hunt seat riding lessons at a local farm. She started helping out as a groom getting ponies ready for lessons then soon earned extra ride time in exchange. This was just the beginning. 

She worked for many trainers along the way and even started taking equine training courses at the local community college.  She fell in love with training horses and set her sights on becoming a full-time trainer. She packed her bags and drove cross country to attend Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, Virginia where she graduated with a BS in Equine Science. She worked as a rider/show groom and barn manager for several different Grand Prix level riders (jumpers and dressage) that eventually landed her in North Carolina. An opportunity arose to lease a facility that was small and manageable. That is when she opened up Twilight Oaks Farm where she taught lessons, trained clients horses, attended local shows and started learner judging. During this time she also tried her hand at farrier work. She worked alongside a local farrier and was able to perfect her skills enough to shoe her own horse. Opportunities arose which moved her away from that farm. 

A few years later she decided to get involved with a local farm. Through assisting with training horses, she ran across one horse that had a few issues that she hadn't experienced before. He was a 4-year-old thoroughbred gelding that seemed to be super relaxed yet sensitive to touch and resistant to moving forward. It was soon determined that this gelding had a severe case of ulcers, mild kissing spine, allergies and body tension. This is when she was first introduced to PEMF therapy as a supportive modality. Even though he was being treated with medications by a vet the PEMF therapy made a difference in his daily comfort level and relieved him of his tension. It changed his demeanor and he seemed much happier and willing to work. Through this experience, she decided to start helping other horses and their owners feel the benefits of PEMF therapy. The rest is history in the making. 

Is PEMF the same as in the magnetic blankets and boots?

The difference is in the delivery method. 

While magnetic blankets provide a low, uniform level of power, PEMF produces higher voltage applications of electromagnetic fields. The main differences are as follows:

  1. Pulse Equine PEMF machines’ power is not limited to battery packs. The power source comes from your standard wall outlet which allows for continual pulsing. This is great for busy owners or multi-animal facilities!
  2. Pulse Equine PEMF machines are easily adjustable, high-powered devices. The ability to adjust the intensity allows you to provide the optimal level of power needed to a specific area.
  3. Pulse Equine PEMF accessories can stimulate very specific points ANYWHERE on the animal’s body.